What are they?

Rogowski flexible current sensors allows measurement of AC current in any installation full rejection of the DC component, very low power consumption, no saturation problem,very low temperature dependence, excellent linearity.

As opposed to the Slit Core CT, Rogowski coils provide a voltage signal.

What are the used for?

  • Power Semiconductor Research & Development
  • Small currents superimposed on large dc (e.g capacitor ripple)
  • Fault Current Monitoring (over current detection)
  • Energy monitoring (behaviour equivalent to class 0.5 current transformers)
  • Lightning Strike Measurement
  • Large ac currents (arc furnaces)
  • High frequency sinusoids (e.g. induction heating, rf applications)
  • Bearing and shaft currents in large machines
  • Power measurement (accurate measurement of hf harmonics)
Rogoski Coils