SMILICS TECHNOLOGIES S.L., hereinafter SMILICS, is a company devoted to the design, manufacture and supply of current sensors, whose purpose is to be recognised as a Quality label for its product and service.

To achieve these objectives, we have created a team together with a process-based Quality Management system, whose priority objective is Continuous Improvement. This team includes all organisation employees and collaborators, with Management assuming the leadership to promote the involvement of the entire staff, targeting its efforts toward planning, respect for the environment and the prevention of occupational risks, preventing any undesirable consequence and furnishing the technical and human resources necessary for fulfilment of the objectives.

The task of all members of the organisation is to defend the objectives we propose by means of the guidelines defined in the Quality System and that contribute toward:

Improving client and user satisfaction, ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and any others to which SMILICS may subscribe.
Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management system.
The optimisation of working conditions and the promotion of a positive work environment.
Acting and participating with our external partners, extending our quality, environment and safety requirements to suppliers, representatives and logistics operators.
Reducing the impact that company activity may have on the environment.
Having sufficient flexibility to adapt ourselves to market requirements.
Having staff with sufficient training and motivation to attain the improvement of processes and focus on client satisfaction, ensuring that they are all aware of possible risks and preventive measures.
Complying with the objectives and strategies of the organisation.

These objectives are specified and displayed in specific indicators, periodically evaluated and approved by Management.

This policy is reviewed periodically, and notified to all parties concerned.

Signed. : Mr Bernat Pons

Review date: 09 May 2017