Smilics essence for everybody

“We develope and manufacture wireless solutions for energy metering and control. We believe in energy efficiency, sustainability and technology always at the service of people .”
Bernat Pons, Smilics Technologies CEO

Our team covers the entire production process, from engineer definition to the manufacturing quality survey, a group of professionals fully committed with continuous improvement and innovation of products and tools.
An industrial origin and a strong socially orientation, our goal is to meet the needs of service providers and professional manufacturers in the energy sector, as well as conceiving and designing products for the general public.

Our great challenge is to simplify and facilitate the complex systems of energy measurement and control, bringing technology and industrial products closer together for a comfortable and reliable energy management. We patent technological tools that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge.

Our Features


From analogue to digital and from digital to CLOUD


Without physical connection is making wireless solutions our real Smart networks


Our enthusiasm and passion ensure custome satisfaction.


We dot what is right for our customers, our staff, our industry and our community.


Our expertise in energy management ensures the best solution for your strategy.